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Happy Children

A better way to treat tooth decay!


Finally a kinder and gentler dental visit!

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Dental Surgery

We heal cavities!

FDA approved! Science backed!

      Our patients are loving their trips here                 like never before!  We utilize FDA                         "Breakthrough" technology                            and evidence based  medicine                        to heal tooth decay and            we guarantee the results!

Do not get your teeth drilled!

There is a better way.

For over 100 years dentistry has been cutting away tooth structure to amputate disease (decay). That is no longer necessary! However YOU can't afford to wait for the dental profession to catch up with that proven concept. You want your cavities healed now! Victorious Dental is here for you!

            No drills here!              No shots either!

Victorious is state of the art care!

You will sing our praises once you experience how quick and easy a Victorious Dental appointment can be! The fear that patients used to have is completely gone because the shots and the drills are gone. This dental care is a breeze!


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You'll Feel Good About a Visit Here!

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Kids love their visits here!

In fact, all ages love it here!

No more challenging dental visits. This care is so kind and humane, we're pretty sure that Dr. Kammer is going to win a Nobel Peace Prize- or at the very least honorable mention!

The nation is buzzing!

Healing decay is big news!

Now that a better way to treat tooth decay is here, Dr Kammer has made the ultimate commitment to his patients' health and happiness by removing all drills from his office. Check out the NY Times story:  https://www.nytimes.com/2016/07/12/health/silver-diamine-fluoride-dentist-cavities.html

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Good news from the ADA!

The support is strong. 

The American Dental Association supports the option of non-restorative care  (no drilling & filling) when it comes to tooth decay. They recently published their recommendations:  https://www.ada.org/en/publications/ada-news/2018-archive/september/ada-releases-eb-clinical-guideline-on-treatments-for-caries

The Drill is gone and so is the aerosol!

And that is a very good thing!

Victorious Dental has gotten rid of all of their dental drills! So there is no chance of drill spray aerosol carrying and spreading a virus. That's way more safe! Victorious Dental- "The Drill is Gone!"

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Victorious Dental in the news!

-- Madison Moms are buzzing about our care --

When the concept of No Drill care is this amazing, you can bet that mothers all over town are going to be talking about it! Thank you to the Madison Mom website for featuring Victorious Dental. Read all about it here:  https://madisonmom.com/got-a-cavity-dont-drill-it-local-dentist-ditches-the-drill/

The World Health Organization
Supports Our Care

Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF) and glass ionomer
lead the way!

During this virus pandemic we depend upon the guidance of the WHO. It is reassuring to know that when these international experts offer their best advice for your oral care during these worrisome times, it is the same great advice that we have been promoting all along here at Victorious dental regardless of the pandemic! Healing tooth decay will someday be the rule across America instead of the exception and it matters now

more than ever before!



You're going to love this!

Meet Robbin. She saved $15,000!

We helped her avoid the thirteen crowns that were recommended to her.

Through our holistic and healing approach to tooth decay, we can give our patients options they have never been given before. Not only do we save them from the shot and the drill, we also save them thousands of dollars! Hear her testimonial on our Victorious Dental FaceBook page.


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